Rob: Echelon VT

Rob (1)

Following his amputation in 2008, Robert Oliver discovered kayaking during his rehabilitation and hasn’t looked back since.

After fracturing his leg during a football match and developing Compartment Syndrome, Rob endured 17 operations to try to repair the damage to his leg. The operations were unsuccessful and Rob’s right leg was amputated below the knee.

After an assessment at the Blatchford Clinic, Rob decided to try an EchelonVT foot for his training sessions. “The EchelonVT foot allows me to get more out of my strength training by keeping me in better alignment, especially on deadlifts. The smooth, natural movement feels great and much more like a human foot than anything else I’ve tried before” said Rob.

Rob’s prosthetist, Mark Ledger commented: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Rob; he demands much more from his prosthesis than most amputees and is really putting his prosthesis through its paces. We’ll continue to support Rob as he strives to represent Great Britain.”

Since then, Rob became the European 200m Sprint Champion in 2015 and won a silver medal at the World Championships later that year.




EchelonVT combines the advanced hydraulic technology of Echelon with an additional rotation and vertical shock absorption element, to reduce the shear forces at the socket interface. This reduces the rate of loading at the socket interface and allows the socket to rotate with the residual limb, rather than against it. This means the user is able to move and adapt more freely, making EchelonVT ideal for taking part in activities such as golf and hiking.

  • Hydraulic control of dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion
  • Dorsi-flexed toe for swing phase
  • Rotation and vertical shock absorption
  • Tripod action for conformance and vertical compliance
  • Smooth hydraulic and spring action
  • Slimline foot design
  • Responsive e-carbon foot springs
  • Sandal Toe Foot Shell