Grace: Mini Blade XT

Grace Family

Grace Matthews was 4 when she was rushed to hospital with a temperature, sickness and rash that started on her thigh and chest. To save her life, doctors amputated both of Grace’s legs below the knee, her fingers, half the thumb on her left hand and half her right palm.

Mark Ledger, Principle Prosthetist at Blatchford Private Clinic, who fitted Grace’s new prostheses said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to fit these fantastic blades to Grace. The blades are designed for everyday use, not just running, so will help Grace achieve a higher level of activity all the time. She is an inspiration to everyone who meets her and deserves the very best prosthetics available to help her to live like any other 7-year-old girl.”

Grace’s Mum, Vicky, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Blatchford for providing Grace with these prosthetic limbs which will allow her to run and keep up with her friends again. She is such a fun-loving, active girl and loves horse-riding, cycling and riding her scooter. She is also very girly and loves to dress up and look nice – we are so proud of her, this really is a dream come true.”

Vicky and Brian, Grace’s parents, lived every parent’s nightmare when Grace was diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia. “It’s so important to be aware of the risks of meningitis. We urge parents to trust their gut instinct if their child displays any of the signs and symptoms as several hours can make the difference between life and death. Grace inspires us every day with her strength and resilience and we want to give hope to other families who may be at the start of their meningitis journey.”

The adult BladeXT was launched in 2013 and has been incredibly popular with active amputees. The traction heel gives extra stability and the C-shaped spring gives excellent running response. Grace’s new pink mini blades enable her to dash around the playground with her friends. 


Mini BladeXT

For youngsters, life never stops. An active lifestyle needs to be fully equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding user, whether it’s going to school, spending time with friends, running, cycling or taking part in other sports.

Designed to offer a complete solution, the Mini BladeXT offers outstanding stability, ground compliance and improved comfort through the split toe and traction sole, while its C-shaped toe spring is primed for optimal energy response.

  • Twin toe and heel springs
  • Split toe design
  • Traction sole
  • Heel stiffness wedge
  • Waterproof
  • Field replaceable heel spring kit
  • Male mini pyramid with 30mm shift and rotation