Emily: Echelon ER

Emily is a keen hill walker and scrambler but in 2016 she had a climbing accident and lost her leg below the knee. Since then, she’s worked hard to get back to the outdoors, doing the things she loves. Emily uses EchelonER which has made her feel a lot more confident when walking up and down steep slopes and over rough terrain. It also helps her walk more naturally by elongating her gait and feeling smoother when she walks on to it.



EchelonER is our latest hydraulic ankle and broadens the Echelon Range by combining all the unique features and award-winning technology of Echelon with an extended range of ankle movement.

  • Extended range of movement – up to 25°
  • Improved flexibility of footwear choice with the option of barefoot walking
  • Natural sitting & standing
  • Robust & waterproof design
  • Specially designed pyramid interface to allow water to escape from within the tube
  • Echelon hydraulic ankle technology
  • E-Carbon foot spring technology