Elaine’s Echelon Story

In 2011, Elaine was involved in a motorbike accident and as a result, her left leg was amputated below the knee. After her accident, Elaine was determined to get back on her feet and was pleased to be fitted with her first Prosthetic device, a fixed ankle that got her walking again.

Shortly after receiving her first prosthetic foot, Elaine was fitted with Echelon, a waterproof hydraulic ankle that has been designed to replicate the natural foot and ankle. As soon as Elaine started using Echelon, she could tell the difference between the two products and commented, “It was just amazing. I felt like I could walk normally again. I could not believe the difference. It felt so much more natural, so much easier to walk, and required much less effort. It felt more like part of me rather than something stuck on the bottom of my leg.”

Elaine leads an active life; she enjoys walking, planting in the garden and riding horses, so she needs a prosthetic that can keep up with her active lifestyle and perform well all day long.

Echelon has increased Elaine’s confidence and she feels she can do whatever she wants to do, whether that is riding her mountain bike or hiking. Elaine mentioned, “I don’t worry when I go out places that I’m not going to be able to do anything, because I’m confident Echelon is going to be able to cope with anything that I come across.”

With clinically proven technology, Echelon’s biomimetic design helps to reduce the risk of falls and preserve musculoskeletal health. Elaine has benefitted from this technology in her day-to-day life and noted, “Because everything’s easier and less difficult to walk, it’s less painful for the rest of my body.”

Elaine finds she feels stable and in control when she uses Echelon “I feel stable whether I’m standing or moving around, or whether I’m standing on a slope or on gravel. I don’t have to spend my whole time staring at my feet because I’m confident that I’m not going to catch my foot on the floor. I can just think about walking, looking around me, getting on with my life.”

With Echelon, Elaine doesn’t feel restricted “I am confident that it’s going to do what I want to do, I can continue doing what I’ve always done.”

Looking at the future Elaine commented, “You’ve got to have confidence in your ankle to try new things. Echelon has given me the confidence to live my life the way I want to. It’s given me the freedom to do that.”



The award-winning Echelon is a waterproof hydraulic ankle that absorbs and damps on impact, self-aligns on rough and sloping surfaces, then remains dorsiflexed at toe-off. These design features help reduce abnormal pressures at the socket interface and other joints, promote comfort and postural symmetry to help reduce the risk of falls and preserve musculoskeletal health.

  • Independent hydraulic control of plantar and dorsi-flexion
  • Biomimetic design simulates natural ankle motion
  • Toe up for swing through clearance
  • Natural toe position for sitting
  • e-carbon heel and toe springs
  • Elegant and compact for cosmetic finish
  • Sandal Toe Foot Shell