The unique, all-new KX06 features a robust, waterproof, polycentric, 4-bar knee in combination with hydraulic swing and stance for a smooth, predictable operation and outstanding geometric stability in all terrain for high-impact and active users.

The resilient and waterproof design makes KX06 ideal for the active user who requires a reliable knee that can withstand wet, muddy or dusty environments.

KX06 is designed to take you on your biggest adventures.

Built to withstand the most demanding activities and challenging environments, KX06 lets you take on everything from everyday living to the great outdoors.

Resilient and robust, KX06 provides the high activity user with a rugged and waterproof solution that combines outstanding stability with smooth and predictable operation.

  • All-terrain Stability

    All-terrain Stability

    At heel strike, KX06’s design offers excellent geometric stability, reducing the risk of accidental release on varied terrain, while retaining easy initiation of flexion. The polycentric design shortens the limb length during swing, improving ground clearance and helping prevent falls. The inherent characteristics of the hydraulic controls allow the knee to naturally adapt to your speed, providing a smooth and predictable experience and security on slopes and stairs.

  • Robust Design

    Robust Design

    The updated design of KX06 is sleeker, tougher and shorter in build height. The aluminium frame, with its strengthened bearings makes KX06 even more robust, and able to support a 150kg wearer. The self-aligning bearing system protects the cylinder from side loads, increasing the durability of the knee.

  • Comfort and Style

    Comfort and Style

    The silicone cover provides a clean look, as well as protecting the knee. The large 160 degree flexion angle makes it easier to move your leg in confined spaces, such as in the car, or under a table.

  • Multiple User Modes

    Multiple User Modes

    KX06 provides the opportunity to switch from normal operation to either free-swinging cycling mode, or a flexion lock. The flexion lock, when engaged, locks the knee on flat or sloped terrain, allowing more even loading and improving stability and posture by relieving pressure on the user’s sound limb and lower back.

  • Easy to maintain

    Easy to maintain

    KX06 can cope with challenging environments, from water to dirt and sand. Don’t worry about that muddy bike ride – just rinse with fresh water and dry!

"Flexible, robust and waterproof – I’m out a lot and I am able to do everything what I want!"


Technical Support

Use the videos below to help guide you through some of the most common fitting tasks with the new KX06.

Customising Yield

Extension Resistance

Flexion Resistance


A-P Alignment

Fitting the Cover

Stairs Training

KX06 Clinical Evidence Reference

Improvements in Clinical Outcomes using four-bar, polycentric knees compared to monoaxial knees

  • Safety
    • Increased mean prosthetic minimum toe clearance2,4, reducing the likelihood of tripping.
    • Fully satisfies stance phase stability3
  • User satisfaction
    • Acceptable cosmetics for knee disarticulation amputees and trans-femoral amputees with long residua1
    • Meets all the design requirements for paediatric patients3


  • Full Reference Listing
    1. De Laat FA, van Kuijk AA, Geertzen JH, et al.
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KX06 Documentation

  • Activity level 3
  • Activity level 4


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