Mini-BladeXTs from Blatchford get children running again

Posted on 24 December 2014

Grace Family News

Pink and blue running blades with heel stabilisers have proved to be the ideal Christmas gift for more than a dozen children this year.

The mini-bladeXTs: designed by Blatchford, have created a storm of interest from parents who wish for their children to be able to race around the playground again with their classmates. Many of the children fitted have bi-lateral amputations resulting from Meningitis and until now have not been able to run safely. That has all changed with the mini-bladeXTs and here are some of the personal stories from around the world:

Jean-Baptiste, France, has a left PFFD and is keen on a variety of sports activities. The mini-bladeXTs mean that he can now take part in school relays but more importantly that he can speed along on his skateboard with his friends after school.

Grace Matthews enjoying her new mini-bladeXTs

Grace Matthews enjoying her new mini-bladeXTs

Grace, UK , was 4 when she was rushed to hospital with a temperature, sickness and rash that started on her thigh and chest. To save her life, doctors amputated both of Grace’s legs below the knee, her fingers, half the thumb on her left hand and half her right palm.

Grace’s Mum, Vicky, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Blatchford for providing Grace with these prosthetic limbs which will allow her to run and keep up with her friends again. She is such a fun-loving, active girl and loves horse-riding, cycling and riding her scooter. She is also very girly and loves to dress up and look nice – we are so proud of her, this really is a dream come true.”

You can watch a video of Grace being fitted at the Blatchford Private Clinic and read about her story.

Olivia, UK, a 10 year old Carlisle girl, who lost both legs and an arm as a result of meningitis when she was a baby, has been testing out her pink blades at the city’s Sheepmount Stadium. Inspired by the Commonwealth Games she has already mastered swimming, cycling and karate.

Olivia testing her mini-bladeXTs at the Sheepmount Stadium, Carlisle

Olivia testing her mini-bladeXTs at the Sheepmount Stadium, Carlisle

Olivia’s mum, Kim, explained “Thanks to her swish new running blades – designed and made by Blatchford especially for her she can already reach a fair speed and is loving every minute of it. She loves them; she still uses her other legs but these are great because they are a lot lighter for sport. She can even go paddling in them whereas she can’t with the others. The first day she got them she was walking round town in them. Then we went to knock on her friend’s door and she was so impressed.”

The adult BladeXT was launched in 2013 and has been incredibly popular with active amputees. The traction heel gives extra stability and the C-shaped spring gives excellent running response. The child’s version is particularly designed to allow the users to compete fully in games, yet also have the stability to relax when twisting and turning or standing still. All of the children fitted tend to use the blades for most of their daily activities because it enables them to take part fully in all the fun of growing up with their friends.

The mini-BladeXT by Blatchford will be launched in 2015.