Echelon goes Waterproof

Posted on 03 June 2015

Blatchford has succeeded in another innovative product development: the new Echelon is now suitable for fresh and saltwater environments and is therefore waterproof. This means that a high level of functionality has already been supplemented with a further advantage in terms of use. The hydraulic unit has been completely re-compacted to protect against moisture and water. This makes the Echelon suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments.

Modelling nature through Biomimetics

The now also waterproof Echelon is the first carbon spring base with a hydraulic ankle joint that responds to the requirements of a wide range of ground conditions.

The 3-dimensional Echelon ankle function is the unique technical imitation of the anatomical ankle joint on the market. The ankle joint is one of the most stressed joints in the body, as it has to carry the entire body load with each step and transfer it on the floor. The Echelon foot construction stabilizes the leg by kinematically imitating plantar flexion (lowering the toe) and dorsiflexion (raising the toe). This also results in increased shaft comfort. The adaptation of the ankle to the different, constantly changing environmental conditions brings more security and energy for an active life. Studies prove the high benefits.