Blatchford Launches New Orion3 Microprocessor Knee

Posted on 26 September 2016

Orion3 Mpk Nhs Funding

Blatchford is pleased to announce the launch of Orion3, the latest microprocessor knee in the Endolite range of lower limb prosthetic components.

Suitable for users who would benefit from stability on different terrains, slopes and steps and those wishing to walk naturally and efficiently at either single or varying speeds, Orion3 encourages users to evenly distribute their weight, offloading their sound side and lower back to reduce aches and pains commonly reported by amputees.

Orion3’s “Enhanced Stability Performance” provides 5 levels of stance resistance which optimise user safety when walking, standing, descending slopes and stairs, when sitting and also provides stumble recovery. During the swing phase, Orion3 engages stance resistance to ensure that the knee is stable should the user trip.

Standing support stabilises the knee, on flat ground and slopes, encouraging better posture and balanced loading to relieve pressure on sound limb and lower back.

Chris has been using the Orion3 knee for several months, and has noticed an improvement in his stability, commenting, “The reliable and predictable performance of Orion3 gives me confidence in getting around the garden and doing DIY. Because Orion3 is so easy to use I don’t have to make compensations, leaving me with more energy to do other things. Being able to check the battery status at the press of a button is really useful too.”

“The third generation of the Orion knee brings additional benefits to above knee amputees. Standing support promotes a better posture as the user can evenly distribute their weight across both sides, thanks to the automatic standing mode. Additionally, battery improvements now provide up to 3 days of use.” says Andy Sykes, Principal Electronic Engineer for the Orion3 development team.

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