Blatchford completes acquisition of Norwegian rehabilitation clinics

Posted on 05 December 2014

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Stephen Blatchford and members of the Norwegian group of rehabilitation clinics celebrate Blatchford’s acquisition of the majority share of the clinics:

– Aktiv Ortopedi AS
– Ortopediservice
– Nordland Ortopediske Verksted AS
– Atterås Ortopediteknikk AS

The clinics become part of Blatchford Ortopedi AS group but will retain their name  and local identity.

Blatchford and the shareholders in the five companies share common goals: providing clinically excellent and continually improving services to patients. The majority of the current shareholders in the companies will continue to be involved in each company as shareholders and employees and will actively contribute the company’s development.

The new company will continue the current activity of Aktiv Ortopedi AS, Ortopediservice AS, Nordland Ortopediske Verksted AS and Atterås Ortopediteknikk AS.

In addition Blatchford has also agreed to acquire a majority share in our current distributor Ortopro AS to further develop distribution activities in the region and to support the Norwegian rehabilitation clinics.

CEO of the Blatchford Group, Stephen Blatchford said “It is a fantastic opportunity to work with five companies who share the same values and beliefs in further developing rehabilitation services in a consolidating Norwegian market. We all share a common vision of a modern service which allows patients access to the latest technology to improve their lives. We are really excited to be working together.  This will give us the opportunity to share best practice across the Norwegian Clinics and between the UK and Norway and therefore improve the service that we provide to all of our clients.”

Blatchford is a leading provider of rehabilitation services in the UK to the National Health Service (“NHS”), to the Ministry of Defence (military amputees at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court), medical insurance companies and to private individuals.

For Information regarding the agreement please contact:

Adrian Stenson, Group Sales and Service Director Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd
[email protected]

Paul Hutton Integration, Manager Blatchford Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd
[email protected]

Tom Refsdal, Managing Director, Ortopediservice AS and Chief Executive Officer, Blatchford Norway AS
[email protected]