Agility World Championships: Caro is Vice World Champion

Posted on 27 February 2012

Congratulations: Caro Wehner is Vice World Champion. At the 2012 World Agility Championships in Belgium, she proved her skills. Lucy was in top form and achieved this excellent result despite strong competition – border collies – due to flawless course mastery and immense speed.

In 2011, after years of painful infection, Caro Wehner was faced with the most difficult decision of her life: a complete fusion of the leg after many operations or the amputation of her left thigh. She opted for the latter and started exercising again while still in rehab. In the meantime, the sporty young woman is very active again and does many sports such as Nordic walking, jogging, fitness, badminton and is now the only transfemoral amputee in Germany agility. With her two dogs Lucy and Mo she competes successfully in the highest performance class A3 in the category "Small".

What is Agility?

Agility is the expression for "agility" and "nimbleness". The modern dog sport, which originated in England, is enjoying more and more popularity in Germany and requires the flawless mastery of courses - free without collar and leash - in a certain time. Technology, speed and absolute trust between humans and animals are prerequisites for success. Dog and handler go through a course that can be composed of up to twenty obstacles and must be mastered. For both dog and owner, this sport requires immense endurance, agility and muscle use as well as a close and strong relationship with a lot of trust in each other.

Prosthesis fitting

The endolite prosthesis system KX06 with Elite Blade is an everyday prosthesis that can also enable sports activities. Fast turns, running, walking backwards and stopping abruptly are the most important types of movement that have to be implemented in agility sports. The robust prosthesis fittings are particularly flexible and resilient. Users regain a piece of quality of life.