Hydraulic Knees

How Does a Hydraulic Knee Work?

With a hydraulic ankle, when the heel is loaded, the 'ankle' adapts to the surface, so the foot can become flat on the slope with the leg still in a natural position. This provides greater control of momentum because the heel spring returns less energy, reducing the need for gait compensations.

KX07 Patient Walking

Why Do We Use Hydraulics?

Lower limb amputees can face health issues long after amputation.

Long term musculoskeletal health depends on the replication of the dynamic and adaptive qualities of natural limb movement. Using hydraulic technology, this can be achieved.

Blatchford's Hydraulic Ankles and Knees Feature Biomimetic Design, Which Includes:

Energy Absorption: Hydraulics absorb energy to minimise tissue stress

Biomimetic Self-alignment: Fine tuned joint position for improved posture, gait symmetry and reduced socket interface stress

Adjustment and Control: Fine tuned to the user’s requirements

Viscoelastic: Spring and damper reduce the rate of loading, removing force from the system and therefore the limb

Hydraulic Biomimetic Design


Clinical Evidence Proves Numerous Benefits and Improvements to Patients Quality of Life

Extensive studies into our biomimetic hydraulic technology show numerous benefits and improvements to quality of life. Clinical studies, latest research papers and full references can be found under our "For Professionals" section of our site.

Lower Limb Amputee Stats

Improved Safety

  • 18% increase in toe clearance reduces the chance of trips and falls.
  • Reduction in centre-of-pressure deviation during standing, indicating better balance.

Greater Control and Stability

  • Increased confidence in walking and negotiating variable terrain.
  • Smoother motion while walking.

Greater Comfort

  • Over 60% reduction in socket stress.

Balanced Limb Loading

  • Reduced chance of long term limb disease.
  • Reduced contralateral foot plantar pressure.

Improved Energy Efficiency

  • 11.8% reduction in energy cost on level ground.
  • 20.2% reduction in energy cost on slopes.

Patient Satisfaction

  • 33.4% increase for bilateral patients.

Introducing KX07

The unique, all-new KX07 features a robust, waterproof, polycentric, 4-bar knee in combination with hydraulic swing and stance for a smooth, predictable operation and outstanding geometric stability in all terrain for high-impact and active users.

The resilient and waterproof design makes KX07 ideal for the active user who requires a reliable knee that can withstand wet, muddy or dusty environments.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Sleek, robust design with protective cover
  • Latch to prevent self-adjustment of swing
  • Strengthened & self-aligning bearings protect cylinder from sideloads
  • Shorter build height by 10mm
  • Choice of proximal t-slot attachments
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