Our ambassador program is designed to help those in the amputee community

Posted on 27 February 2023

Ambassadors of Mobility (BAM) are inspirational advocates of Blatchford that are ready to share their stories to help others.

Support for an amputee can come from all kinds of communities. Caregivers and family provide support from a perspective of long-standing relationships. Clinicians and prosthesis experts provide knowledge and guidance as their form of support. But there’s a unique perspective that only fellow amputees can share that makes a world of difference.

Blatchford’s Ambassadors of Mobility (BAM) is a community of amputees helping fellow amputees. They help to raise public awareness around limb loss and are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. They help people regain their lives by showing how Blatchford products help on their journey to greater mobility.

Many Ambassadors have been a part of BAM for years and are always willing to share their personal experiences to help those in the community. They are advocates of Blatchford’s products and have incredible stories demonstrating the power of prosthetic technology. They are inspirational, motivational, and unstoppable positive forces in the lower limb amputee community!

If you or someone you have a relationship with wears Blatchford products, you should consider joining the Ambassadors of Mobility. Amputees and caregivers can both be a wonderful resource for others to pull inspiration from and find new meaning in their journey. On top of that, there are incentives for ambassadors that participate. While there are tiers of expertise in the BAM community, each tier has the ability for an amputee to grow quickly and obtain the various benefits offered.

So many of the BAM members constantly relate how Blatchford treats them like family and we’re always looking to grow that family. Share your personal story and reveal how Blatchford products have changed your life. Share your story on our social media, educational events or conferences, photo or video shoots, or at a local Orthotics & Prosthetics clinic demonstrating how to use our product to others.