A deep dive into the research and development behind Linx

Posted on 29 February 2024

Linx: Revolutionising Prosthetic Mobility

Linx, a revolutionary prosthetic solution, is not just an award-winning innovation. It's a game-changer in prosthetic care, offering a tailored experience that enhances freedom and independence. How does it achieve this? By closely mimicking the complexity of the human leg using cutting-edge technology and biomechanical principles.

Let’s find out how Linx stands out...

Seamless Integration of Technology and Biomechanics

Its distinction as the world's only fully integrated limb system is at the core of Linx's triumph. This integration seamlessly fuses microprocessor knee technology with hydraulic support systems, mirroring the human leg's intricate interplay of muscles and joints. Replicating natural limb movement's dynamic and adaptive qualities is crucial for long-term musculoskeletal health. Linx, the world's first lower limb prosthesis, incorporates a fully integrated response system to meet this user need. Through advanced sensors, Linx actively scrutinises user movement, activity, and environmental factors, providing real-time adjustments to ensure peak performance on any terrain.

Enhanced Stability and Confidence

Experience Freedom of Movement with Linx. Raymond Kazzazi, Blatchford Territory Manager, raves about Linx's ability to provide users with a seamless, natural gait and effortless adaptability to various terrains. This stability and confidence result from Linx's unique hydraulic and pneumatic chamber, which allows for enhanced stance and swing, deep-yielding stance flexion, and ramp assist. With Linx, you can engage in standing support while fully extending it, ensuring unmatched comfort and safety during your daily activities.

Customers praise Linx's natural feel, ease of use, and adaptability to various terrains.

Brian Mielnicki, Blatchford Territory Manager

Transformative Impact on User Experience

Jeff Gilbert, Territory Manager at Blatchford, shares a powerful testament of how Linx transformed a user's life. With improved stability and a significantly reduced risk of falls, Linx empowered this individual to regain mobility confidently. Unlike traditional prosthetic devices, Linx allowed them to focus on their destination, not the walking mechanics, resulting in a more natural and intuitive experience. Imagine the endless possibilities for your own life with Linx.

Linx’s Highlights: The Integrated Self-Talking Limb

Blatchford's Linx revolutionises prosthetic technology, seamlessly integrating the leg and ankle for a natural walking experience and giving it the feel of a "self-talking" device.

Raymond Kazzazi, a Blatchford Territory Manager, emphasises Linx's uniqueness, stating it's "the only fully integrated limb system with independent knee and ankle control." Linx ensures stability with integrated sensors and adaptable stance resistance levels.

It offers cycling mode, fixed-angle flexion lock mode, and intuitive programming via the Linx Programming App. With up to three days of battery life and a sandal-toe foot shell, Linx combines practicality and advanced technology, empowering users with unmatched mobility and confidence.

Clinical Viability and Future Applications

Blatchford clinician Caleb Rhynard, emphasises Linx's clinical viability for many users, from everyday activities to athletes seeking stability during sports such as golf. Linx's adaptability to uneven terrain, slopes, and tight spaces makes it a versatile solution for individuals seeking stability, symmetry, and freedom in their daily lives.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Brian Mielnicki, a Blatchford Territory Manager, shares insights from customer feedback, highlighting Linx's pros and clinical selling points. Customers praise Linx's natural feel, ease of use, and adaptability to various terrains.

June DiStefano, a Linx wearer, shares her firsthand experience, emphasising its comfort, responsiveness, and intuitive design. She admires Linx's weight balance and nano-second response time, underscoring its ease of use and adaptability to her daily activities.

Conclusion: Linx Recap

In summary, Blatchford's Linx represents a groundbreaking leap forward in prosthetic care, offering users an unparalleled combination of advanced technology and biomechanical innovation. With its fully integrated limb system, Linx provides users with seamless adaptability to various terrains, ensuring enhanced stability and confidence in every step. Testimonials from wearers, clinicians, and territory managers attest to Linx's transformative impact on mobility, highlighting its natural feel, ease of use, and unmatched versatility.