Dr Amit Sethi

Chief Medical Officer and Vice President Optum International

Dr Amit Sethi,  B.Sc (Hons) MBBS DRCOG MRCGP is Chief Medical Officer and Vice President at Optum International, the world’s largest healthcare company and a Fortune 4 company.  

Amit is a practicing physician and experienced global health care leader. He has been deeply embedded in new and emerging technologies and the global marketplace for them.  

He is an accepting global expert in population health management.  Using data to drive better outcomes for All.  

In his previous role for the world’s largest international private medical insurer Amit’s remit covered over 170 countries worldwide. Amit has run medical services for millions of patients, been an executive in the NHS in the U.K.   

He has set up and scaled businesses in new markets with new products across the world.  

A cornerstone of his transformation methodology is unlocking technology and digital as an enabler to affect the best possible outcomes for patients.  

Amit has advised some of the largest VC and PE forms on everything from investment to M&A and sat on the boards of some of the most disruptive technology start-ups as well as various global think tanks and accelerator hubs.  

Amit’s perspectives and vast expertise on the US and global marketplaces brings Blatchford a critical perspective to maximise growth, market coverage and patient outcomes.