Vidscrip offers a visual way to connect remotely with your prosthetist

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2023

When it comes to helping patients and doctors communicate more effectively, Vidscrip solves these communication problems with the “direct” approach.

For those seeking medical advice, Viscrip (currently only available in the United States) is an incredible innovation that was created to assist patients. It’s easy for patients to forget most of what they learn at the point of care from their doctors. When patients forget their doctor’s instructions, it can lead to poorer outcomes, lower satisfaction, and wasted time for clinical staff that must repeat their instructions. With Vidscrip, doctors get the tools they need to directly and effectively address the frequently asked questions raised by patients.

Prosthetists recognise how important time can be to their practice and to their patient. The timing of pertinent information can be the critical component to a successful care episode. Through Vidscrip’s web-based recording studio, they record the necessary instructions and send the video via text message at just the right moment (like the night before a surgery, for example).

Healthcare providers repeat the same instructions multiple times every day. Unfortunately, patients forget up to 80% of what they learn during their visit. By using Vidscrip, clinicians can deliver a pre-recorded answer pulled directly from their website to ensure consistency in the information they provide patients

No more brochures, receptionists, or waiting rooms after you’ve already seen a doctor, as the medical advice you need can be found directly on your computer or mobile device. In fact, 76% of patients surveyed stated Vidscrip is “more helpful” than any other form of healthcare information (e.g. brochures, handouts, etc).

For more information schedule a demo or ask your prosthetist.