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Tectus® is our brand-new microprocessor-controlled orthotic device.

Taking over 130 years of experience in prosthetic technology, we've created Tectus® a revolutionary orthotic device that attaches to a custom leg KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis). Tectus® delivers life-changing mobility to people who have partial lower limb paralysis.

With everyday activities covered; wearers can easily go from descending stairs to standing in queues, change walking speeds, sit and stand - it’s all possible at the touch of a button.

"I can just enjoy life rather than worrying about limitations."
Alex, Tectus
® wearer

Embrace your daily life with greater confidence

Our Tectus® microprocessor-controlled orthotic device allows you to walk over different terrains with complete peace of mind. Clinically proven to reduce falls and minimise muscle fatigue1, you can enjoy daily activities again and experience a new lease of life.

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Superior Comfort

Tectus® is small and lightweight. Weighing just 660g, it can adapt to any thigh circumference. Allowing you to achieve the perfect fit every time, you can walk fluidly without the burden of a heavy device.

enhanced safety

Enhanced Safety

As Tectus® is clinically proven to reduce falls1, the intelligent design embeds safety into every step. From descending stairs to walking up slopes, uneven terrains will no longer feel like obstacles.

pioneering technology

Easy, Flexible Control

Equipped with 5 operating modes and a digital remote control, you can change walking speeds and stand in queues at the touch of a button. Tectus® also provides 18+ hours of continuous usage, able to charge from 0% - 100% in under 2 hours.

improved outcomes

Life-changing Outcomes 

Tectus® delivers truly life-changing mobility. You’ll gain the autonomy to move unaided, safely, and embrace everyday activities with confidence.


Is Tectus® right for me?

Tectus® has been developed for adult use but could be suitable for teenagers. It may be the right solution for you if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Quadricep weakness
  • Flaccid paralysis of the lower limb
  • Resultant paralysis from orthopaedic injury
  • Insufficient knee control
  • Spinal injuries
  • Suffered a stroke (mild tone only)
  • Poliomyelitis


It is only suitable for patients who weigh between 50kg and 100kg, and must be able to initiate hip flexor movement, and have good control of their trunk.

The brace is not suitable for patients who have:

  • Hip and/or knee flexion contractures (greater than 10 degrees combined)
  • Significant spasticity
  • A leg length discrepancy of more than 15cm
  • Poor cognitive function​

Discover more with our Tectus® patient leaflet...

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Patient Case Studies...

Tectus® Case Study: Alex, Ex-Military

Condition:​ While serving in the UK military, Alex had an accident resulting in Cauda Equina syndrome following herniated spinal discs. He had many years of rehabilitation, and now 10 years on, he has right lower limb weakness, chronic sciatic pain, hip dysfunction, and lower back pain (all managed better with the Tectus®).

Tectus® Case Study: Alfie Wright, Paralympic Para-Powerlifter

Condition:​ Alfie had a left knee injury and ruptured left Achilles tendon. After multiple orthopaedic surgeries, unfortunately, with unsuccessful outcomes, Alfie has chronic sciatica hip pain from unsymmetrical walking with a locked KAFO (resolved with the Tectus®). She presents with left lower limb weakness and tonal pull inwards of her left foot/ankle.

Tectus® Case Study: Mick Kirby, 63, Steward at Shooting Range

Condition:​ Mick had a stroke affecting his left arm and leg and had an elective left arm amputation due to ongoing neurological pain with any contact. He has left lower limb weakness, knee hyperextension, and equino-varus pull of the foot/ankle complex with drop foot.

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