Martin's Turbomed Story

Martin's journey with Turbomed began on the rugged island of Kerrera, nestled in the picturesque West Highlands of Scotland. In 2005, at the age of 25, Martin's life took an unexpected turn when he was struck by Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Hospitalised for nine challenging months, he emerged with bilateral footdrop, a lingering reminder of the severity of his battle.

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Despite the obstacles, Martin's indomitable spirit prevailed. He viewed his illness as a testament to the remarkable resilience of the human body. Supported by an unwavering network of friends and family, Martin embarked on a journey of recovery, embracing every triumph and setback along the way.

Martin recently took part in the first Scottish Open for golfers with a disability.

For Martin, the hardest part was bidding farewell to his beloved football. Though attempts at walking football offered solace, it never quite filled the void. However, Martin discovered a newfound passion in golf, a sport that captivated his heart and provided solace amidst life's uncertainties.

In the years following his diagnosis, Martin lived without regular Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs), convinced that he could manage without them. Yet, recurrent fractures from seemingly innocuous falls forced him to reconsider. Enter the Turbomed brace, a revelation in orthotic technology.

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“I have so much appreciation for the Turbomed AFO, due to this incredible invention and advancement in technology, I am able to engage in sports and activities I could only dream of beforehand. It truly has changed my life for the better.”

The first fitting was a moment of sheer elation for Martin. Finally, a solution that not only improved his balance, gait, and mobility but did so without causing pain. From that moment on, Martin embraced the Turbomeds wholeheartedly, wearing them from dawn till dusk, navigating the rugged terrain of his island home with newfound confidence.

Living in a rural, undeveloped landscape posed daily challenges, from uneven terrain to muddy paths and slippery slopes. But with Turbomed by his side, Martin navigated these obstacles effortlessly, even outshining his able-bodied friends in stability and confidence.

Today, Martin's story stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of innovation. Thanks to Turbomed and Blatchford, he continues to conquer mountains and has just competed in his first Scottish disability golf tournament finishing 2nd in the medal 2 strokes behind the winner. Martin continues to chase his dreams, and inspire others with his unwavering determination to thrive, no matter the odds!

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