A prosthetic foot designed to replicate the human ankle and foot? Yes, please!

The ElanIC is our waterproof, hydraulic, microprocessor ankle. Which basically means you can do whatever comes naturally

When we invented the ElanIC, we wanted to help the wearer return to walking as they had once known it. Normal walking. Sounds simple.

But it takes a lot of technology and science to produce the feeling of natural walking in a prosthetic ankle. We even have a fancy name for that science. It’s called “biomimicry”. What else can you call something that seems just like the real thing?

There’s a lot to learn about a life changing technology like this. That’s why we’ve put all the details into this handy Product Guide.

The ElanIC is:

  • The world’s lightest and most compact waterproof ankle
  • Designed to improve posture, balance, and significantly reduce your risk of falling
  • Clinically tested and proven to ensure greater comfort at your socket
  • Constantly working to provide enhanced control when you move
  • Designed using biomimicry (mimics the human ankle and foot), providing incomparable mobility
  • Powered by microprocessor (computer-controlled) and hydraulic technology.

Some ElanIC wearers even say it's like getting your natural ankle back.

Download our ElanIC Product Guide and take it with you when you visit your Prosthetist. They can help you make the right choice for the prosthetic that’s best for you.

“The ElanIC has definitely changed my quality of life because of not having to think about the littlest things that you have to think about with other prosthetics. It’s opened up the possibilities of things that I didn’t think I could do. I really want to get back to dancing and go to boxing classes and just be more active. ”

Sian, ElanIC User