Global Warranty Statement

Global Warranty SymbolGlobal Warranty Statement 

Blatchford Group warrants its products for a period of time against defects in Blatchford material and workmanship (“Manufacturing Defect”). The warranty period applies from the date of the first shipment of the Product to you (the “Original Shipment Date”), unless otherwise specified.

In the event that a Manufacturing Defect is discovered during the warranty period, Blatchford will, at its discretion, repair or replace the affected part or device. If repair is not possible, Blatchford will replace it with another of equivalent function. If this is not possible, Blatchford will refund the purchase price associated with the Manufacturing Defect. Depending on the circumstances and at the discretion of Blatchford, this might be a refund of a specific part of, or the whole device. The warranty of the repaired or replaced part is limited to the remaining warranty period from the Original Shipment Date.

To the extent permitted by local law, the warranty coverage is limited to an amount equivalent to the cost of the original failed part (or where applicable, device) and excludes all associated or related costs. For the sake of clarity, the phrase “all associated or related costs” includes but is not limited to associated parts, assembly and disassembly costs, transport costs, travel and handling costs and any form of compensation.

The warranty does not cover issues arising from misuse, accidental damage, neglect, wear and tear, unapproved component modifications, incorrect assembly and unless otherwise specified, immersion in water. Specific limitation of use as detailed in the documentation supplied with the product (Instructions for Use) must be complied with. This warranty does not cover products that are modified to meet the needs of the customer where such modifications may adversely affect the lifespan of the item.

Blatchford makes no other express warranty or condition, whether written or oral. To the extent allowed by local law, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose is hereby disclaimed. Some countries/regions, states, or provinces do not allow limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, so the above disclaimer may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from country/region to country/region, state to state, or province to province.

To the extent allowed by local law, the remedies in this warranty statement are your sole and exclusive remedies. except as indicated above, in no event will Blatchford or its suppliers be liable for direct, special, incidental, consequential, or other damage, whether based in contract, tort, or otherwise. Some countries/regions, states, and provinces do not allow the exclusion of certain damages, in which case to the extent prohibited, the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.

If the product comes with a Warranty Registration Form then this must be completed and returned to the company for the warranty to be effective.

Where requested by Blatchford, a Warranty Claim Form must be fully completed and supplied with the affected part to qualify for warranty.

To make a claim under product warranty, please contact our Customer Services department.

Please be aware our Warranty Statement is subject to change – in all cases our current Warranty Statement is published on our website.

The current Warranty Periods are as follows, unless other warranty periods (for example Extended Warranties) have been specifically agreed and, where applicable, paid for.