The Orion3 gave Chris and Denise back their confidence… and their life.

Orion3 Landingpage Inset

Even after their harrowing accident, they weren’t about to slow down

The Orion3 is the ideal choice in prosthetic knees for those living active lives like Chris and Denise Arthey. After their devastating motorcycle accident, the Orion3 was the perfect choice. Designed to accommodate them on a variety of terrain and at varying speeds, it was the ideal solution for their adventurous life.

Engineered with computerised technology and driven by hydraulic mechanics, the Orion3 is designed to outperform traditional mechanical knees. Offering adaptable gait control based on natural movement, it allows you to return to a life of competence and confidence.

Here are some of the key highlights:

• Powered by microprocessor and hydraulic technology
• Biomimetic movement for greater mobility
• Scientifically proven superiority over mechanical knees
• Stability and assurance no matter the terrain
• Upgrades and improvements to aid in better coordination

Stand tall and move confidently with the Orion3. Made to mimic the movement of a natural knee, it serves to give you everything you could want from a prosthetic leg.

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“The minute it was on, I walked much faster, I walked more confidently and I had a longer stride. It was just amazing! And that was just in the clinic! 

I can use a wheelbarrow, I can DIY, I can use a step-ladder, and Denise can do the gardening, weeding, potting out plots. We can do what we need to do. We’ve been able to rebuild our lives and we live pretty full and active lives now.”

Denise & Chris, Orion3 wearers