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Our Ambassadors

Q: What is a Blatchford Ambassador of Mobility?

A: An advocate of courage and determination who inspires others to gain the best possible mobility, function, and comfort using Blatchford's products.

Our Ambassadors 

Our ambassadors are advocates of Blatchford prosthetics. They help guide other amputees (and caregivers) who are on the same or similar journey in life. Blatchford Brand Ambassadors have used Blatchford’s products to enhance their own lives and wish to help others do so, as well.

Their inspiring stories demonstrate the potential of prosthetic technology for everyone with lower limb loss.

Ambassador Expertise 

We use authentic feedback from patients and Ambassadors as part of our marketing and education campaigns with a view to inspire others. Patients featured in marketing campaigns representing the Blatchford brand are genuine users of Blatchford products who are happy to share their positive experiences with other patients or caregivers for the benefit of the amputee community.

Could You (or someone you know) Become a Blatchford Ambassador?

Share your personal story and reveal how Blatchford products have changed your life. Share your story on our social media, educational events or conferences, photo or video shoots, or at a local Orthotics & Prosthetics clinic demonstrating how to use our product to others.