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Stanford Hall

The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Stanford Hall is a world leading, rehabilitation facility, commissioned specifically to meet the clinical needs of the most seriously injured members of the Armed Forces.

Blatchford is now entering the 4th consecutive contract with the Ministry of Defence, having held the contract since it was first awarded in 2006 when the facility was located at Headley Court in Surrey.

As part of the complex trauma team, we combine prosthetic technology with experienced, consultant-led interdisciplinary team therapy. Delivered within the highest level of clinical facilities, our aim is to provide each wearer with the most clinically appropriate devices to help enable them to achieve their individual rehabilitation goals.

The Prosthetic and Orthotic Department boasts a state of the art, purpose-built, on-site workshop to provide outstanding technical support. Our clinicians have access to:

  • pressure measurement systems
  • gait analysis
  • the world’s most advanced biomechanics laboratory CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment), a multi-sensory immersive rehabilitation tool

Building on the legacy of experience gained at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, and since relocating to Stanford Hall in 2018, we continue to provide the very best in prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation treatment.

BMK2 Retouched Bent Half Umbraco

INTRODUCING BMK2 - Mechanical Knee


The BMK2 is a cost effective, mechanical knee that can be paired
with AvalonK2 to give the user a full limb system that delivers safety,
confidence and ultimately independence.

• Easy, smooth walking
• Stance Flexion provides additional shock absorption and cushioning
• Weight activated stance control for smooth activation and release
• Extension bias adjuster for more sensitive adjustments
• Engineered for better customization

• Lighter and easier to use
• Engineered to be compact, lightweight, and stabilized
• Requires less energy for movement leading to longer walks
• Walk longer and further with more stability and safety
• Reduced risk of tripping

• Adjustable spring assisted swing control
• Confident walking, ground clearance and standing
• Adjustable stance phase stability & progressive locking brake
• High stability and confidence at single walking speed
• Proven ESK technology with the stability adjusted for K2 users.
• Easily customized to ensure perfect stability and swing behavior