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Corrective Boots and Bars for CTEV

Why does my child have to wear boots and bars?

The boots and bars are required to help your child’s feet develop correctly. They are used to continue the work started by the corrective plaster casts.

How do they work?

The boots and bars work by turning your child’s feet out. This position discourages the foot from turning back in whilst the foot grows.

How should the boots and bars be put on?

It is usually better to put the boots on first before attaching the bar.


The ankle strap , buckle and laces must be fully loosened to allow the child’s foot to be placed easily into the bottom of the boot.


  • The child’s heel should be back and down inside the boot. 
  • Hold the child’s heel in place and fasten the heel strap firmly as demonstrated by the orthotist. 
  • Tighten the laces from the bottom of the boot first and work your way up the boot, making sure the toes are not squashed or curled under. 
  • When the laces are tight, check that the ankle strap is still firmly fastened. It may need tightening further as demonstrated by the orthotist.

To attach the boots to the bar:

  • Put the serrated cog into the hole in the bar. 
  • Line up the marks on the bar as marked by the orthotist. 
  • Normally, the affected foot/feet will be turned out to a 70° angle and the unaffected foot will be turned out to a 40° angle.

Should socks be worn?

Socks should not be worn because they may crease inside the boot and cause rubbing on your child’s feet.

How long should the boots and bars be worn?

The boots and bars should be worn for 23 hours per day.

Day 1 – 23 hours.

Regular checks should be made to ensure the feet stay correctly positioned inside the boot as demonstrated by the orthotist.

When will my child stop wearing boots and bars?

The boots and bars are normally worn all day and all night for a minimum of 12 weeks. After this, it will be night time and nap times up to a period of 4 years. Your child’s consultant will decide this. It is dependent on how well your child’s feet are developing.


What should I do if my child has any problems with wearing the boots and bars?

If you think your child is outgrowing the boots or experiencing any problems you should contact the orthotic department or your physiotherapist for a review appointment.

The boots and bars supplied are considered the most appropriate for your child’s condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses or treatments with the Orthotist or your consultant.