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Using a Soft Collar

What are soft collars?

Soft collars are made of a sponge material with a fabric cover. They come in a variety of lengths and depths to allow for a comfortable and accurate fit.

  • The edge with the dip fits under the chin.
  • Most collars fasten at the back with Hook and Loop. If you have problems fastening your collar, there may be one with a more suitable fastening – please ask.
  • Your collar should be fastened firmly enough for comfort but must not be too slack and allow the head to move freely or the chin to slip inside.
  • Soft collars will not stop all neck movement but will help to remind you not to do some movements.

Reasons why a soft collar may be provided:

  • To relieve acute neck pain and/or pins and needles in your hands.
  • To allow muscles and ligaments to relax.
  • To keep the neck in a good position.

When should a soft collar be worn?

  • Collars should only be worn for a short period of time. The person prescribing the collar will tell you when to wear it.
  • The collar should be removed regularly to allow you to perform neck movements exercises as directed by the prescriber (for example physiotherapist, GP).
  • You are less likely to need your collar at times when you are resting.
  • You are more likely to need the collar at times when pain and tension are at their worst, for example, ironing, working at a computer.

Do not wear your collar when driving without notifying your insurance company as the limitation to your neck movements may rule your car insurance invalid.

Washing instructions: 

  • Some collars have an outer cover, which can be removed for washing
  • You can use stockinette or a scarf over the collar to help keep it clean.