Dolls Collar

What is a Dolls Collar?

  • A Dolls collar is a plastic collar made from a plaster cast of your head and neck.
  • It consists of a front and back section and fastens at each side with Hook and Loop straps. The back section extends onto your head and the bottom edges extend down your back and onto your chest.
  • You may have straps under your arms for maximum control.

When should a Dolls Collar be worn?

  • The collar should be worn all the time or until your neck has healed. The person prescribing the collar will tell you when to wear it and for how long.
  • It is advisable to wear the collar over a vest or T-shirt to prevent rubbing and provide some cushioning.
  • The collar should be removed for washing purposes. You may need help to do this. Your therapist can advise you.
  • If you develop any areas of redness and rubbing from the collar, contact the orthotic department.

Reasons why a Dolls Collar may be provided:

  • To reduce movement in your neck to allow healing following surgery or fracture.
  • To protect and stabilize your neck in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. This may be long term if you are unable to have surgery.
  • The collar should be fastened firmly enough for comfort but must not be too slack to allow your head to move freely or your chin to slip inside.

Do not wear your collar when driving as the limitation to your neck movements may rule your car insurance invalid.

Washing instructions:

  • The plastic sections can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Do not leave it to dry on a radiator as the heat may cause the plastic to distort.
  • The Hook and Loop straps can be replaced when they wear out.

The orthosis supplied is considered the most appropriate for you and your condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the Orthotist.