Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings

What are the stockings for?

The stockings provide graduated compression to your legs to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and aching and prevent varicose veins getting worse.

They reduce the risk of thrombosis and leg ulcers.

They help prevent the development of long-term leg swelling and ulceration in patients who have had deep vein thrombosis.

When should I wear the stockings?

You should wear the stockings every day. Usually they should be put on in the morning and taken off last thing at night. If you have been told to do something different by your vascular specialist you should follow their instructions.

How to put your stockings on:

  • Gather up the leg section and put on the foot part so that the heel fits perfectly.
  • Next, gradually ease the stocking up your leg in regular movements taking care not to twist it or pull at the edges.
  • The stocking should lie evenly and smoothly without creases. Do not overstretch your stocking. Never roll it over at the top or you will increase the compression, which could cause circulation problems.
  • The stockings need to be close fitting to work. If you are having difficulty getting them on, you will need to contact your GP or district nurse. There are some devices available which help with putting stockings on.

Thigh length stockings may need to be worn with a suspender belt or have silicone backing to maintain their position.

Washing instructions:

The stockings should be machine washed at 40ยบ and either air-dried or tumble dried. They should not be placed on a radiator, as heat damages the material.