Holiday Advice for People with Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Unfortunately going on holiday does not mean taking a holiday from your foot care Diabetic foot problems can begin and then deteriorate quickly so it is important to look after them on holiday as well as you do at home.


  • Wash and check both feet daily.
  • Make sure there is no sand between your toes.
  • Check for any blisters, abrasions or discolouration.
  • Cover any sores with a dry dressing.
  • Wear suitable footwear.
  • Seek advice from the local doctor if needed or contact your Diabetes Centre.


  • Wear footwear around the pool, on the sand and in the sea.
  • DO NOT go barefoot.
  • DO NOT get feet wet for long periods of time.


Avoid walking barefoot. Continue to wear any therapeutic footwear you have been provided with. The podiatrist or orthotist can advise you about summer footwear before you go on holiday.

Activity Holidays

If you are planning extra activities on holiday e.g. skiing, golf, deep sea diving, golf, safari, pilgrimage etc. please discuss your footwear requirements at foot clinic before you go.

Long journeys on trains, coaches and planes can make your legs and feet swell.

  • Exercising your feet for two minutes every half an hour will help reduce swelling (bend and stretch knee, move foot up and down, and in a circular motion at the ankle).
  • Make sure your shoes don’t become too tight.
  • Arrange to use a wheelchair if required at the airport. Prevent Burning
  • Avoid sunburn to your feet and legs.
  • Regularly reapply sun cream with a high factor.
  • Do not walk barefoot on hot sand or concrete.

Remember you may have lost feeling in your feet and may not know how hot it really is.

Items to take:

  • Enough tablets or insulin to last the holiday (share these between luggage in case one is lost).
  • Blood sugar meter and strips.
  • Sterile saline and gauze swabs.
  • Your usual moisturizing cream.
  • High factor sun cream or sun block.
  • Hand mirror for checking feet if needed.
  • Contact telephone numbers for your Diabetes Centre.