Aircast Boot (Diabetic Walker)

What does the boot do?

  • The boot supports and stops movement in your foot while it is healing.
  • Mainly it is provided so you do not have to wear a plaster cast.

When should I wear the boot?

  • The professional who requested the boot will tell you.
  • Usually it is only removed at night time and for washing purposes.

How long will I need to wear the boot?

  • The professional who requested the boot will tell you.
  • This will depend on the reason why you have the boot.
  • It may be worn for a couple of months.

Putting the boot on:

You will be given:

  • The Boot (including a front section)
  • A pump with a pressure gauge
  • A sock

The pump is used to inflate and deflate the 4 aircells in the boot. The pressure gauge is numbered from 10 to 40. This is so that the cells can be inflated to the correct pressure. When you squeeze the pump the black marker will rise and the pressure is read from the bottom edge of the marker.

Putting the boot on:

  • Undo the straps and take off the front section of the boot and check that all the air pockets are deflated. (See deflating the boot section).
  • Put on one of the socks and pull it up so that there are no creases.
  • Place your foot inside the boot with your heel right at the back.
  • Fold the material flaps over your toes so the Hook and Loop dots fasten in turn.
  • Put the front section back on the boot with the edges of the foot section inside the boot and the edges of the calf section outside the boot.
  • Fasten the 3 Hook and Loop straps firmly but not too tightly.
  • You may fold the sock over the top edge if you want to.

Inflation instructions:

The pump has an inflate end and a deflate end. This is written on the side of the pump.

  • Insert the connector at the end of the pipe on the inflate side of the pump into the first valve on the front section of the boot (Valve 1).
  • Repeatedly squeeze the pump until the bottom of the black marker in the pressure gauge is level with 20. If you go above 20 stop squeezing the pump and the pressure will slowly drop.
  • Disconnect the pump.
  • Repeat this with the 2 side valves (Valves 2) but inflate these to 30.
  • Finally inflate the back valve (Valve 3) to 20.

Deflating the boot:

After removing the boot deflate the air cells so the boot is ready for when you next put it on.

  • Insert the deflate end of the pump into each of the 4 valves in turn and squeeze the pump until no more air is sucked out. The pump will become squashed in and stay squashed when all the air is removed.

How do I clean the boot?

The plastic outer shell can be wiped with a cloth. The Orthotic department can replace the inner lining if it gets very dirty. The cotton sock that comes with the boot should be washed regularly at 40ÂșC.