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Star Brace

What is a Star Brace?

  • A Star brace has a plastic front and back section with a fabric cover. 
  • The Star brace fastens at either side with Hook and Loop. A zip at the right side allows for easy removal. Once it has been fitted leave the Hook and Loop straps on the left side fastened and undo the right side Hook and Loop and zip when removing the brace. 
  • The T-shaped front section is positioned to limit you bending forward and should rest on your chest. 
  • The shoulder straps are fastened in place with Hook and Loop.
  • The brace should be fitted while you are lying down and then can be adjusted once you are sitting.

Reasons why a Star Brace may be provided: 

  • The Star brace will reduce your forward and backwards movement and remind you to limit your sideways movement. 
  • To allow your back to heal after a fracture or surgery and reduce pain.

When should a Star Brace be worn? 

  • Star braces should be worn as prescribed by your doctor. 
  • Normally the brace should be worn all the time except when you are in bed or washing. 
  • The length of time you will need to wear the brace will vary depending on your injury.

Washing instructions: 

  • The Star brace should be worn over a vest or T-shirt to prevent it from getting dirty. 
  • The brace can be wiped with a damp cloth.

If you experience any rubbing, pressure or increasing discomfort after wearing the brace please contact the orthotic department.

The orthosis supplied is considered to be the most appropriate for you and your condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the Orthotist.