Newport Hip

Newport Hip Brace

What is the hip brace for?

To maintain the hip joint in the correct position. This brace is often used after hip replacement operations.

Wearing your brace:

  • The medical staff who prescribed the brace will decide when and for how long you must wear your brace.
  • It is commonly used when you are out of bed but may also be required whilst you are in bed.
  • The position and fit of the brace will be set by the orthotist who supplies the brace following the doctor’s instructions.
  • It will be set to hold your hip with your leg out to the side.
  • Usually the brace allows you to bend your hip to walk and to sit.
  • Occasionally these movements will be restricted.

Try to move in the way in which the brace is controlling you. Do not pull away from the brace.

Putting on and removing your brace:

To put your brace on sit on a bed with your leg out straight in front of you:

  1. Wrap the top section around your waist (see picture on front of leaflet). Make sure it fits snugly into the waist and fits evenly on each side of the body, fasten the clip buckle.
  2. Gently lift your thigh up by bending your hip and pull the thigh section of the brace under your leg and lower your thigh into the brace.
  3. Slot the tongue between the soft lining and the hard outer shell and fasten the 2 clip buckles.

To take your brace off: Reverse the above procedure.

Do not undo the Hook and Loop fastenings on the straps which have been set by the orthotist to the correct position.

Do not adjust the brace yourself.

Skin care:

The brace should be removed at least once a day to check the condition of your skin. This should be carried out by a nurse whilst you are an inpatient on the ward and by yourself once you leave hospital. If you:

  • Have skin irritation
  • Feel the brace is causing undue pressure
  • Have broken skin Please seek advice from your doctor.

Before you go home:

  • Make sure you are able to remove the brace and reapply it accurately.
  • If not ask one of the nursing staff to show you.

If you have any problem with your brace whilst you are an inpatient, speak to one of the nursing staff. If you have been discharged from hospital and have problems with the brace please contact the orthotic department.

Cleaning your brace:

The liners may be removed and washed at 40°C in a washing machine and tumble dried. Plastic sections can be wiped with a cloth using soap and water.