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TECTUS® WEBINAR: Embrace the next step in intelligent orthotics

Posted on 25 October 2023

Join us for our webinar, 14 November 2023, 2pm EST.

Discover life-changing patient results by joining our upcoming webinar ‘Tectus®: Embrace the next step in intelligent orthotics’. We’ll delve into the pioneering Performance Response Technology (PRT™) that powers Tectus® and reveal the game-changing research from our clinical trials.

In this webinar, cohosted by Mike Magee CPO and David Telford CPO, you'll discover Tectus® - a microprocessor KAFO that is transforming the lives of individuals with partial lower limb paralysis.

You'll hear about Tectus®'s remarkable features, including its lightweight and modular design, five distinct activity modes, controlled standing support, and the innovative technology that is set to revolutionise post clinic care. Whether you are a healthcare professional, orthotist, or an individual seeking the ultimate orthotic solution, this webinar is essential.