Blatchford launches new modular seating system: Nimbus

Posted on 14 July 2015

Nimbus Featured

Blatchford is pleased to launch the new Nimbus modular seat. The unique, fully adjustable and attractive seat provides optimal posture control for patients with neuro-muscular conditions who are unable to sit upright on their own.

Designed to control and correct only where it is needed, Nimbus supports the body and prevents postural deformities while remaining comfortable. The innovative modular seat can be configured quickly and easily to exacting specifications. A lightweight, streamlined chassis covers all three seat sizes to fully adapt as the user grows or their postural needs change, offering a longer seat lifespan and value for money.

Clinical trials have shown that the improved positioning helps with trunk elongation, breathing, vocalising, eating and drinking, interaction and comfort. For 8-year old Saara-Mae, a comfortable and supportive seat is vital for her posture and daily life. Saara-Mae has Cerebral Palsy; a neurological condition that affects movement and co-ordination.

Saara-Mae’s parents have noticed an improvement in her breathing, as she sits more upright in her Nimbus seat. Mum, Ghezala, commented: “Saara-Mae is very well supported in the Nimbus. It has helped to improve her posture and we hope that this will help with her chest, as Saara-Mae is prone to chest infections.

Saara-Mae’s old chair had more panelling, but Nimbus has been designed to provide the support that Saara-Mae needs without the use of excessive padding that can sometimes overwhelm the person sitting in it. We like this design aspect as we can see more of our beautiful child, rather than the chair.”

Julie Croysdale, Regional Manager and Lead for Seating at Blatchford, commented: “At Blatchford, we believe in seeing the patient, not the seat. Nimbus is the culmination of many years of development and feedback from wheelchair clinicians and users. It is designed to provide optimal postural control in a discrete and desirable device that also offers value for money. We are passionate about posture and Nimbus demonstrates our commitment to improving posture through innovative seating solutions.” 

Rated for users up to 100kg, Nimbus is suitable for age 4 to adult. The fully configurable options include fabric colours, headrests, pelvic cradles, knee adductors, thoracic supports, harnesses and many more. The high level of customisation enables the seat to be tailor made for the user, and thanks to its modular design, can be supplied at our seat in a day clinics. Nimbus is easily interchangeable with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor bases, such as the Streetwise buggy or Neo wheel base.

For more information on Nimbus, please visit the Nimbus product page or email [email protected]