Amit Bose

Chief Technical Officer

Amit is a visionary leader with a global view, a passion for innovation and process development. He was appointed Chief Technical officer of the Blatchford Group in September 2020. With proven experience in the Medical Device Sector, he demonstrates exceptional ability to develop and launch award winning products in medical device, life science and other engineering applications. He has experience working across global organisations to build, lead and motivate multidisciplinary high-performing engineering teams that have contributed to exceptional business outcomes. 

Amit has worked in a variety of Fortune 500 listed and start-up medical device companies where he has successfully developed effective product strategies and galvanised teams to deliver outstanding products to market.  His strategic approach and pragmatism repeatedly result in outcomes that secure market entry and market growth with significant impact on business performance.

While leading product development at Medtronic (formerly Covidien) Amit deployed strategic thinking to enable the business to make a major acquisition leading to entry into new market segments.

At Quanta, he brought an innovative haemodialysis machine to market in the US and Europe based on which the business was able to secure $245 million Series C funding. In addition, the device won recognition and was awarded Industrial Product Design of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards 2018, Plastics Industry Awards and New Product of the Year (Electronic) 2019 Engineering Excellence awards.